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Sponsor RCMIB for the thinkers of fresh ideas.

We are welcoming sponsorship from reputed Bangladeshi organizations for RCMIB 2021 conference. Supporting this international conference on the post-pandemic scholarly thinking on different streams of business will significantly show your commitment towards the society.

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We will promote your brand every time we promote RCMIB 2021

We are promoting the conference throughout the scholarly communities in Bangladesh, India, Pakistan and other countries through our network, social media marketing, website, and email marketing. Your brand will be promoted alongside North South University every time we promote the conference.

Promotional, HR, and CSR Benefits of Sponsoring RCMIB 2021

Your Brand will Be Promoted

From our website, Facebook page, conference proceedings, emails, to crests and souvenirs, your brand will be promoted to the 22000+ students of NSU and throughout the region.

Deliver a Speech at Inaugural Session

Your brand name will not only be mentioned many times in different tracks of the conference, a figurehead from your organization shall have a 10-minutes time slot to deliver a speech at the inaugural session of RCMIB 2021.

Workshop for Your Employees

We shall deliver training workshop for 10 employees of your organization on analytics and customer relationship management. Expert faculty members from NSU and partner universities from India shall provide the training.

Deliver Training in a Virtual Room

Share your valuable insights to a group of participants in a virtual room within the conference. Your engagement with the society while disseminating knowledge shall boost your CSR programs.

Grab the Unique Opportunity to Train Your Employees on Some of the Latest Business Analytics Techniques

Virtual is the New Normal

Organizations and Brands can no more sit idle thinking that event marketing will be at physical premises only. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown us that organizations need to find new ways to communicate with their potential and existing customers through the new media. Brands that are proactive and managers who understand that virtual is the new normal shall benefit from participating in virtual events. The Department of Marketing and International Business at North South University is also progressing towards a digitized world. By sponsoring RCMIB 2021, you shall advance your brand in the post-pandemic market. Your organizational capability shall also improve to fulfil marketing, HR, and CSR objectives. At NSU, we strongly believe Bangladeshi organizations shall embrace the new reality that is not just affecting the educational institutions but all industries.

Please feel free to contact us to talk in detail about the sponsorship opportunities at RCMIB 2021.

Sponsor RCMIB 2021 and Get More Value for Your Brand