Doctoral Colloquium

Doctoral researchers can present their research at RCMIB 2021 for free.

Present your doctoral research at RCMIB 2021 virtually and get invaluable feedback from scholars.

The Regional Conference on Marketing and International Business (RCMIB 2021) provides a unique opportunity for doctoral researchers to showcase their current projects in the presence of globally renowned experts in the fields of marketing and international business. Scheduled to be held virtually on the 23rd of April, 2021, the conference will include workshops to be led by eminent researchers in the field and parallel sessions will take place on academic paper presentations.

Participation in RCMIB 2021 will be an invaluable resource for doctoral students. They will get to know distinguished scholars from various institutions around the world and share their knowledge, expertise and skills. The conference is also a remarkable ground for doctoral students to create long lasting networks with seasoned academics and explore new avenues of research and collaboration over the course of their careers. Since RCMIB 2021 will be a virtual conference, this will allow the attendees to circumvent the limitations posed by the Covid-19 pandemic and continue their intellectual and professional development.

The conference organizers are highly committed to developing the next generation of researchers in respective business schools. In line with that vision, the organizing committee of the RCMIB 2021 has arranged a specific Doctoral Colloquium session where the registration fee has been waived for participating students, who will present their papers in this colloquium. The academic scholars who have been selected to conduct and evaluate the colloquium session have a proven track record of making significant contributions in the fields of marketing and international business research. Therefore, presenting in RCMIB 2021 will offer doctoral students the scope to further refine their research work by incorporating the feedbacks, comments and suggestions provided by the scholars. Also keeping early career researchers in mind, the workshops have been designed on relevant topics such as Digital Marketing and Social Media Analytics, Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), among others, to further sharpen and enhance their research skills.

Publication Opportunities

Doctoral researchers will retain the full copyright on their text presented at the conference. After the conclusion of the conference, the authors may choose to submit revised versions of their papers for publication in a Special Issue of the North South Business Review. If your paper is accepted through the double-blind, peer review process and presented at the conference; it will be published in the Conference Proceedings that has an ISSN. Since the authors will have their copyrights, they will be able to submit their paper for publication in any other journal of their choice, if they choose to do so.
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